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2016-09-09 13:58

Inviting the bridal party was one of the first things things we did after our engagement. Mr. Crab took a straightforward approach and asked each of the members of his party in person. I also asked my brother and my man of honor in person, but for the others I had something else up my sleeve. After our 30th birthday discussions about an engagement ring, I discovered wedding blogs. I came across this post on DIY “Be My Maid” boxes,开奖直播现场658555com, and I knew I wanted to put together something crafty for my ‘maids’ invitations. Bridesmaid boxes are a popular bridal party invitation choice; in fact,?Miss Coral?and Miss Angelfish recently posted about the boxes they made for their ‘maids. I was inspired to embrace the spirit but went a bit of a different route. I was fortunate enough to find these fantastic sparkle clutches at Target, and I knew they would be the perfect vessel for my invitations.

We started our invitations before we had secured the venue so we didn’t have any specific details worked out (including the date!), but I included the information I had so my nearest and dearest could get the feel for what we had planned. I also printed a few of my favorite pictures depicting our friendships throughout the years, and I wrote a handwritten invitation for each one. When they opened the clutch, this is what they saw:

The top panel says, “As you know, Mr. Crab & I are getting married! Now it’s time for me to pop a question of my own… Will you be my bridesmaid?!” The tabs peeked perfectly out of the credit card slots—I included a slip for “Your Role,” “Your Dresses,venue,” “Our Wedding Party,” and “Our Day.” The top pocket held the handwritten note, and the bottom pocket held the photos. I found super cute ombre chevron paper at the “One Spot” in Target and used it to decorate the inside of the clutches. Since I had no idea about wedding colors at the time, I just picked something that looked cute.



I was living in the Bay Area at the time, so most of these had to be mailed. I jazzed up the labels with some of the paper I used to decorate the inside of the clutches. I was so happy to present two of these in person to Bridesmaids B and SMA, and I loved getting excited texts and voicemails when these arrived in the mail.

For Bridesman S, I skipped the glitter clutch and included a few mustache drink charms instead. His package looked like this:


Did you craft your bridal-party invitations?

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