2016-09-12 11:18

First I designed a million save the dates, and then we finally decided on one, meaning we officially had a magnet, which made me just about as happy as a clam (or giraffe).

Now that we got that out of the way (finally!), we needed a way to package or send off that little guy. I went back to my inspiration pics and remember the STD I saw that came with a post card.


I loved the idea of sending our STD with some sort of card,2015-11-9 12, but wasn’t sure how it’d work out. I was still kind of stuck on the idea of using a rack card, so I thought that maybe I’d attach our ?magnet to the top of a 4″x9″ card…but then I didn’t know what else would go on the card if I had all that space.

Then I decided to keep it simple, and use a regular sized post card.

Unlike our millions of STD designs, I pulled this card together quickly without very many revisions.

The design looked like this:

Funny, that looks like it could be a magnet on its own, doesn’t it? Ahhh, oh well ?

I mixed small caps, lower case, and sentence case letters from the typeface Mrs. Eaves by Emigre. Our names are in Veer‘s popular Feel Script.

Then I tried using it vertically,六合图库电信印刷区.

Which I didn’t love…so I tried it horizontally and then kind of loved it.

And then, being the smarty pants Giraffe that I am, I decided I should include some sort of marker on the postcard so I would know where to place the magnet when the time came. I also thought it needed a little something extra.

And there is it!

I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, I love it! Just wait until you see the whole package; I hope you guys will love it, too!

How did you package your STD magnets?

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