2016-09-11 08:56

Since I’ve been on a roll with monogram-themed gifts for my ladies, I couldn’t resist the urge to throw in one more: a monogrammed handkerchief! There is just something about them that feels so sweetly Southern to me.

Image via Southern Weddings / Photo by Divine Light Photography

So I went to my favorite website, Etsy, looking for floral handkerchiefs that could be embroidered. Like the photo above from Southern Weddings, I was really hoping that each of my ‘maids would be able to have a unique pattern. Katie Moore of the MutantAngel shop had so many options, and they’re all hand-embroidered. With her shop you can choose the individual patterns you like,kj95开奖直播中心, or she can surprise you with one of her abundant designs. Being a little (or maybe a lot) type-A,家庭无固定收入, y’all know I hand-picked every last one.

I loved the bright, cheerful patterns, and I think the floral designs will be the perfect addition to our spring wedding as a bouquet wrap or simply to be held and catch tears of happiness.

Once I had placed an order for the ladies, I really couldn’t resist getting in on the action myself. In the South, hankies are often passed down from generation to generation, and I really wanted a timeless, heirloom-quality handkerchief should I one day have little girl to pass it on to. Once I saw the designs by SheriAngellCreations, my search was complete. Sheri, specializing in bridal hankies, also hand-embroiders.

The floral design appears on all four corners of the handkerchief, but my initials only appear on one side. This way, should I pass it on, it can be embroidered again with another monogram.

Are there any heirlooms making a special appearance on your wedding day? Did the ability to pass an item on to future generations influence any of your purchases?

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